Project Description

1. The orange does not need to be graded before peeling and juicing, just enter it directly.
2. The screen under the roller can be adjusted according to different fruits. So this machine can handle many kinds of fruits, such as: citrus, lemon, navel orange, banana,passion fruit, pineapple, papaya, onion.
3. The Italian acupuncture plate above the roller is easy to puncture the oil cells of the peel, which increases the oil content of the juice, and is not easy to handle in the later stage. The acupuncture plate is very thin, not durable, and wears out quickly. We have made a lot of improvements in this part, making it into a nail shape.
4. When the peeling juicer is mass-produced, the membrace will stick together. We have added a fixed screen and a movable drying screen to separate the residual juice from the peel, and the movable screen can also take out the sack.