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What is Grape Vibrating Sorting Machine?

Grape vibrating sorting machine is mainly used for ear selection before grapes destemmed or grain selection after destemmed. In order to ensure the quality of the grapes in fermentation tank, grapes will get through the mesh part of the grape vibrating sorting machine equably under the action of vibration motor for grape vibrating sorting machines, and some smashed stem and defect grapes will be removed. The whole appearance of grape vibrating sorting machine is sandblasted. It looks upscale and deluxe. Our grape vibrating sorting machine is the preferred equipment for High-end wineries.

Characteristic of Grape Vibrating Sorting Machine:

1. Tiling and feeding the grape grains equably.
2. It’s facilitated workers to pick out substandard grape grain, immature grape grain, bad grape grain and impurities hidden in grape grain.
3. Removing the gravels, sands, stems and raw grape grains remained in the grape clusters.

Specifications of Grape Vibrating Sorting Machine:

Product Capacity:3-5 t/h
Boundary Dimension: 3500*780*1200 mm
Vibration Motor:0.75 kw
Body Material:304 stainless steel

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