Project Description

What is Horizontal Disc Diatomite Filter?

This Horizontal Disc Diatomite Filter is developed based on Swiss FILTROX Technology, absorbing newest foreign filtration technology and manufacturing technique . It is widely used in manufacturing white spirit, fruit wine, drink and other liquid product. Filtering medium is diatomite.The impurities are blocked when the liquid flow through the diatomite layer.

This machine features long filtering time, high efficiency, stable filtration quality, low loss of filtrate and supermatic.

It is the preferred equipment because of its compact structure, easy operation, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

Characteristic of Horizontal Disc Diatomite Filter:

(1)High filter efficiency,stable quality, less filtrate loss;
(2)Compact structure, easy operation, portable and flexible,easy to maintain, safe and reliable;
(3)Adopts conical filter plate in horizontal to ensure reliable performance, and not easy to cause deformation, long service life;
(4)Liquid filtration in a high quality 304 stainless steel.

Filter Area: 6 m²
Maximum Pressure: 0.6 mpa
Volume: 350 L
Power: 11 kw
Dimension: 1600*1200*2200
Weight: 900 kg

Filter Area: 10 m²
Maximum Pressure: 0.6 mpa
Volume: 650 L
Power: 14.5 kw
Dimension: 2500*1600*2700
Weight: 1550 kg

Filter Area: 15 m²
Maximum Pressure: 0.6 mpa
Volume: 900 L
Power: 14.5 kw
Dimension: 2500*1600*2800
Weight: 1700 kg

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