Project Description

What is Grape Destemmer Machine & Grape Stemming Machine:

Grape destemmer machine is the specialized equipment of processing fresh grapes for wineries. This machine can separate stem from grapes, deliver grape berry and so on.
The grape destemmer machine is mainly on the application of stemming and keep the grape’s completeness.It is made for the following vibration screening and grape fermentation. It is one of the critical equipment for the whole grape grain selection line.

Characteristic of Grape Destemmer Machine & Grape Stemming Machine:

1. This machine stems grape and carries the grape berry to the next device. It adopts mobile single screw pump to convey grape berry.
2. This machine with stepless speed regulation of feed screw can achieve quantitative feeding.
3. Stemming device can adjust the rotate speed based on grapes varieties. It is adaptable to grapes varieties.

Specification of Grape Destemmer Machine & Grape Stemming Machine:

Dimension:  1900*800*1530 mm
Output Capacity:  3-5 t/h
Motor Power:  2.2 kw
Destemmed Rate:  99%

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