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What is lychee litchi lichee longan peeling, pitting, crushing machine?

Litchi/ longan peeling pitting machine is mainly used for the pre-treatment for litchi wine and beverage, the major functions of litchi (longan) peeling and pitting machine are:
1. Break litchi which has been stemmed, cleaned and disinfected;
2. Separating peels and pits from pulps;
3. Conveying litchi pulps to juice refiner for the next processing procedure.

Process Flow of lychee litchi lichee longan peeling, pitting, crushing machine:

The fruit firstly are fed into the crushing unit via the hopper to be cut open by a couple of rolls.The broken fruit will be separated into shell,pit and pulp in the rotating tanker.At last,the shell and pit are taken out from the machine with the action of rotating screw and the pulps are sent into the following process.

Characteristic of lychee litchi lichee longan peeling, pitting, crushing machine:

1.Top lychee processing machine manufacturer to provide the high-end products.
2.No need of lychee classification treatment and ideal for industrial mass production.
3.Peeling and pitting simultaneously to reduce the production cost efficiently.
4.Apart from litchi, it can also be used to process longan. Because the shapes of them are similar. But the inner structures are a little differences due to the different sizes of fruits.

Some tips you should know:

1.We offer several standard machines to meet with most clients’ demand.But we can also provide the custom solution for you.
2.For lychee or longan pulp,we can present several perfect solutions to meet your requirements.So, we suggest you had better contact us to develop further cooperation.

Specification of Standard lychee peeling, pitting, crushing machine:

Product Capacity(t/h): 5
Motor Power(kw): 5.5
Dimension (mm): 1700*800*1650
Weight (kg): 970

Product Capacity(t/h): 10
Motor Power(kw): 7.5
Dimension (mm): 1800*900*1750
Weight (kg): 1020

Product Capacity(t/h): 20
Motor Power(kw): 11
Dimension (mm): 1900*1020*1780
Weight (kg): 1200

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